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Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

TalkLP host Amber Bradley is stoked to moderate this RLPSA panel with James Fripp, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer from YUM! Brands and Steven Antoine, Chief Security Officer for YUM! Brands to discuss “Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable” from their keynote session at the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) Annual Conference To Go March 2.  This opening keynote rocked viewers as we discuss very poignant topics relating to diversity, inclusion, and real methods of having empathic conversations around these topics!  Check them out!  For more information on how you can access additional sessions from the RLPSA Annual Conference To Go, contact me.  We have digital all-access passes for sale for those that missed this and other incredible sessions.

Thank you to Interface Security for being a phenomenal sponsor of RLPSA and TalkLP initiatives!

For more information on RLPSA click here.

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