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Expert Duo DeSantis & Matas Talk Fighting ORC

Chris DeSantis,  Senior Director, Investigations & Fraud Strategy at Macy’s and John Matas, Head of Fraud Operations at Etsy chat with TalkLP host Amber Bradley at the recent NRF PROTECT conference about strategies for fighting organized retail crime (ORC).  Both gentlemen are respective experts in fighting ORC for a long time and they provide historical perspective including the recent media attention about the increase in this type of crime.   What’s the problem?  Decriminalization? Felony thresholds? Rouge DAs? More importantly, how do we work together to stop ORC?  Check out Chris and John’s suggestions!

Attend THE annual conference that is focused on fighting ORC: The CLEAR / FLEPRU Annual Conference Nov. 7 – 10 in Orlando.  Check out the agenda and register here.

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