Finally….A New Perspective on “Development”

TalkLP Host Amber Bradley is STOKED to chat with Mike Combs, Director of Asset Protection, Organized Retail Crime and Central Investigations Team at The Home Depot as he describes his take on talent development vs. career advancement.  FINALLY someone is saying something new when it comes to managing and developing people.  He also describes a “feedback loop” and how that works to improve the team dynamic — especially when the team is spread all over the country.  Make sure you have a pen/paper (or iPad for those millennials out there) for this one.  Take note peeps!

[Don’t] Stay In Your Lane

Do you report to the CFO?  Art Barraza, Director of Loss Prevention and Safety at Lovesac, chats with TalkLP Host Amber Bradley about the positives and challenges of working directly for the Chief Financial Officer.  Learn the secret of having the answers before they ask the question….(hint: tie it into operational benefits)…but here’s some actual tips on how to do it!  Art also talks mentors and gives a few shout outs…. Hear how Art selects a mentor and why.  Oh yeah, Art also provides you the WORST career advice he ever received!

The One Test You Must Take

Host of TalkLP, Amber Bradley, sits down with industry veteran John Goldyn, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gabes.  Amber and John talk how to plan your next career move, why understanding the inventory process is SO important, and why partnering (or experiencing) business operations is critical to your career.  John also provides his “secret” job — and guess what, we all have (or should have) those secret jobs within our jobs that would help you get to where you want to be in your career! (*must listen to find out…yep)