Loss Prevention’s Take on Retail Predictions

TalkLP host Amber Bradley sits down with Vice President of Education at the National Retail Federation (NRF), Susan Reda to talk retail predictions for 2021 and why they matter to loss prevention.  We also discuss how those predictions are holding up being mid-year and why it’s important for loss prevention executives to pivot.  Susan also provides us a sneak peek into NRF’s BIG show and the future of NRF PROTECT.  You can read Susan’s retail predictions by clicking here!

Find out more about the NRF BIG Show and register here.

Talking Tech with Tom: Easy SCO Product Protection?

Talking Tech with Tom episode 2 brings you more education on the hottest tech topics — this week’s ControlTek’s newest products and partnerships PLUS the latest innovation in protecting products while making it easy for self-checkout….yep, you heard that right.  Self-checkout and even scan and go now have options for protecting high-dollar merchandise.  Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy & Information Security Officer at CONTROLTEK USA chats with TalkLP host Amber Bradley on the latest trends in tech and most importantly….do we really have to block those spam calls?   Take a listen.

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In His Own Words: Ben Dugan on the WSJ’s Exposé on ORC

The Wall Street Journal published an exposé about organized retail crime (ORC) featuring Ben Dugan, Director of Organized Retail Crime & Corporate Investigations at CVS Health. It’s an interesting article that describes the war on ORC that retailers continuously fight — and how CVS is working hard to lead the industry on this growing challenge.  In this podcast, host of TalkLP Amber Bradley gets candid with Ben on his thoughts about the article, the key points covered and how eCommerce continues to be a hinderance in this fight, specifically Amazon.  Take a listen to Ben’s thoughts on the WSJ article and more about the fight on ORC.

Read or listen to the WSJ article here.