Solve Your Own LP Groundhog Day

TalkLP host Amber Bradley chats with industry-veteran David Lund, MBA, CFI, LPC, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Dick’s Sporting Goods.  We talk how to solve your own LP Groundhog Day…and what David would have told his 20-year-old-car-salesman-self back in the day.  Oh yeah, and work/life balance? Get some insight from “therapists” David and Amber on how to make this work.  He also provides advice for what he looks for (and probably other VPs) in hiring. There’s something for everyone in this one guys….(and girls).

Building Your Own LP Ladder

TalkLP host Amber Bradley and guest co-host David Thompson, CFI, from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates chat with Jennifer Schaefer, MA, LPC, Field Asset Protection Manger with T-Mobile. Jennifer talks how to navigate the loss prevention industry by building your own career ladder.  She talks creativity, being open to new challenges and deciding to take calculated risks.  Hear how this high-octane professional has tackled each challenge with grace and style!